On Dreams

Image from Flickr by Marshmallow

Image from Flickr by Marshmallow

I received an email the other day from my managing editor, saying the final edit of The Fourth Wall was attached and could I fill in the dedication page and the acknowledgments page?

Sure, I could do that. (Are you kidding me?!)

But first I thought I’d check the book over. One last time, you know. Because two years maybe wasn’t enough time to edit it, because maybe there was something I missed.

I have never read through this novel without wanting to change something. Why is that? Some short stories I look back on and think, “If I had a chance to edit this again, I don’t think I’d change anything.” There aren’t many like that, but I can think of two. (Both are written from a male point-of-view. Sections of The Fourth Wall are also written from a male point-of-view, and those are my favorite scenes. I hope you’ll tell me yours.)

Perhaps a novel is just too big for a writer to see clearly. Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter, because it’s too late to make changes. The copy I have now is the one you’ll be reading in June. 😉

It’s hard to describe how vulnerable that makes me feel, although I suppose a good analogy would be that dream you used to have where you’re naked on the school playground. Remember that one?

Oh, but don’t feel sorry for me. I had the audacity to write a book and ask you to read it. I’m ready to submit to your judgment. So, speaking of dreams–I want to introduce you to a girl named Marin. She’s a lucid dreamer—someone who can create and control her own dreamworlds.

At least she thinks she can.

[click here to meet Marin]