Thanks, and an Invitation

Image from Flickr by jenosaur

Image from Flickr by jenosaur

It’s been a wild few weeks, and it’s about to get even crazier. So I just want to stop for a minute and say THANK YOU to all of you.

I mean it. You guys are amazing. You’ve showed support by visiting this blog, chatting with me on Facebook and even sharing my posts. Some of you have already RSVP’d to the launch party in July, and many of you have bought copies of The Fourth Wall.

My friend Jason in Cheyenne, Wyoming posted a Facebook selfie with the book after it arrived, which was so cool. The girl I shared a locker with in seventh grade was one of the first people to buy the book, read it, and share her thoughts. And last weekend a friend at work brought in her copy, which was the first copy purchased off the shelf from Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe. Yes, I peeked several times throughout the day to see which scene Melissa was on.

Your enthusiasm means a lot to me. So thank you.

In late July, I’ll be going on a blog tour, which means I’ll be visiting about a dozen blogs over the course of a month to talk about The Fourth Wall and participate in interviews and giveaways. I’ll also be showing up on a few other websites to discuss topics in the book, like lucid dreaming. The idea for the blog stops is to introduce the book to new readers and generate excitement.

I’m sensitive to the fact that author promotion can be overwhelming and redundant for friends and family, so I’m going to try and be very careful about how much and how often I share, especially on Facebook.

IF you absolutely don’t want to miss a thing, pop your email address into the subscription box below or to your right, or leave me a comment/let me know privately that you’d like to subscribe to email updates. I generally post to the blog only two or three times per month, and never more than once a week, so your inbox won’t get cluttered on my account. 🙂 And of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.

In the posts, you’ll get all the updates: links to interviews, photos, reviews, upcoming signings and author events, everything and anything related to the launch for The Fourth Wall. And I’ll keep you updated on my other projects too (short stories, essays, new novel) and occasionally host other authors, post my own book reviews, and just talk bookish/writerly stuff.

What do you say? Join me?


  1. Oma Naranjo says:

    So proud of you. Love you always.