What I Still Believe

Image from Flickr by Aftab Uzzaman

Image from Flickr by Aftab Uzzaman

I’ve written and deleted more than one blog post since November 9. They were too angry, too hopeless, too cynical, too sad, too bloated, too simplistic, too something. And who am I kidding anyway? I have no answers for anyone, least of all my children; that morning I woke my nine-year-old son for school and, while searching for words to break the staggering news, broke into tears instead.

Since then we’ve had several discussions on the importance of staying true to our personal morals and integrity, and how kindness and empathy matter now more than ever. I still get to be the role model for my children, and that is powerful.

And it’s what I need to focus on. A few weeks before the election a woman I respected posted on Twitter her intention to vote third party, and she encouraged others to do the same, in protest of both candidates. After the election I wondered what if I’d engaged her instead of glaring at my phone and childishly clicking “unfollow”? I’m not saying I’m faultless. I could have done more.

But at least I can face my kids each day for the next four years knowing I voted on the right side of history. At least I can take comfort knowing that the majority of voters were on the right side of history too, even though we lost.

I don’t think I’ll ever look at the world the same way, but it’s time to move forward. It’s time to believe again that vulgarity, hatred, and scorn will ultimately lose to hope, compassion, and grace. I won’t be naïve, but I refuse to be cynical. I still believe that love trumps hate, and I always will.


  1. I too was disappointed in the outcome of the election. I think I drove my husband crazy with exasperated expressions. But it’s time to move forward and hope for the best.