Celebrating Today

Image from Flickr by Will Clayton

Image from Flickr by Will Clayton

I love secrets. And birthdays. And new beginnings. So today’s kind of perfect.

Today I turn 40, and I’m so excited about this decade of my life. In my 20s I became a mother, the most important thing that’s ever happened to me. In my 30s I had a wedding, another baby, and became a published author. Life has been good to me, but I have dreams left to chase, like

  • earning my English degree. Today I am two semesters away from graduating from ASU, having returned this summer to complete my bachelor’s degree. I should graduate in the spring.
  • publishing more books. Today I collected my first winner’s badge from NaNoWriMo, having “camped” out this month—in secret ;)—to write my third book. In April, I wrote my second book, which I’ll be revising next month.
  • changing careers. Today I go to work for a job I started when I was 29; I’ve loved working there and will probably continue for a few more years, but in my heart I know I’m meant for a career in writing, editing, or teaching.

There’s so much more to look forward to as well: seeing my children graduate from high school (!!!), reading hundreds of new books, and blowing out the candles on many more birthday cakes.

But for now, I’ll just celebrate today.



  1. Tia Leah says:

    Happy Birthday My Dear!
    You are an inspiration to all of us dreamers….